Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rachel or is it Matilda?

Rachel. Yes, I am finally finishing my series on my children! When Simon was about 10 months old I started feeling very tired and sick, it went on for about 3 weeks, I started to think something terrible was wrong with me. I was talking on the phone to Rick while I was in Target with Bridgette and Simon,  he was at scout camp with Ricky and Ammon. I was telling him how awful I felt when he said "maybe you're pregnant"? "Impossible"! I said, but Rick thought it wouldn't hurt to get a pregnancy test. An hour later in I saw the positive sign, I was in shock, how could this happen? I had always thought there was another girl for us but when Simon was a boy I thought I must have been mistaken. I guess there really was another girl! Rachel came early, 37 weeks and she was a big beautiful baby. She started to have breathing problems but she was treated early and returned home with me from the hospital. Rick insisted she have my name as her middle name but I liked Matilda but we knew it her name should be Rachel, the solution, throw them all in, she was our last so why not. Rick thought it would be cool if her initials spelled farm backyards so Matilda Rachel Anne Furniss, this poor girl, I wouldn't blame her for disowning us when she gets older!

Rachel was a little grumpy but mostly a happy baby, pretty squirmy though, we have never had one of our babies so eager to squirm off our laps, she was sliding off from day one. She loved to be held but also moving about like Bridgette and nursed all the time. She was our earliest walker at 11 months and she mastered climbing everything quickly, she loves to run although she runs like she is running in place, it's pretty cute! Rachel is fun, she gets along with the kids, Simon tried the kids patience so they warmed to Rachel quickly when she was not so in your face! Rachel loves Simon, they do everything together, she calls him "my Simon".

Rachel is scared of animals (a first for our children), loud noises, new places, more so than our other kids however I have noticed she has a thing for performing and when we have been to visit a kids museum or other kid play area if there is a stage or high platform she gets up there and starts speaking loudly. It's bizarre because I don't know where this started but for someone who scares easily she likes the spotlight! Rachel loves to dance and sing, loves dresses and shoes, Bridgette and she get along so well in this area, I am glad they have each other as I am lacking in the shopping and interest in clothes area. Rachel likes to talk to others and tell grown ups who she is and what she likes. She smiles a lot and likes to be crazy, running and wrestling Simon.

Rachel loves her Daddy, she took a while to warm to him and he took that pretty hard but now she is the first to run into his arms when he gets home from work. She will give big long hugs to him and to the rest of us. She doesn't like it when I am out of sight though but she is slowly becoming more relaxed when I have to leave her with a babysitter. I cant imagine life without her, she is wonderful!

I cant imagine life without any of our dear children, they are so different, each with their distinct personalities, I guess that's what makes parenting so challenging yet so rewarding. Each child opens your eyes to a different world, to new possibilities, new heartache, new understanding. They really are a gift that keeps on giving and giving, sometimes too much giving in some areas, but I am learning it is all for a wonderful purpose. They are our teachers, our friends and we need them. I needed them to help me learn and grow and I need them in my old age so I can give them a hard time!

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